What our partners say

In 'Ministry of Programming' we found an exceptional innovation partner empowering our vision for transformation. We embrace the MoP team as an integral part of the extended boundaries of our company. MoP's creative power, depth of expertise, and broad-ranging experiences in designing and developing complex software products and highly scalable platforms, make MoP a critical part of our 'flywheel' strategy.

Bijan Khezri

CEO and part-owner of Marquard Media Group

MOP has built a truly amazing, high-performing team, with the exact culture that any startup, scale-up, or even corporate would dream of. Ministry of Programming (MoP) is not just an extension of our core team, it is a part of the HyBird family that we are building and will continue to develop throughout our journey of growth. Superb communication and organisation, consistent efficiency and high quality of work are only a handful of team's capabilities that have enabled us to achieve our goals on short deadlines. Like anyone, we were initially anxious about working with an external remote team but in retrospect, it's absolutely clear that MoP is the right partner for HyBird. The support we have received has consistently exceeded all of our expectations; they are a unique organisation that can work their magic on anything that they develop.

Ahmed Hadid

Founder and CEO - Hybird Tech

Ministry of Programming (MoP) is a unique opportunity to turn any meaningful concept into reality in relatively short time, highest development quality and with a very communicative and diverse team full of professional talents. It is a pleasure to work with result driven and performance oriented people from MoP.

Benjamin Bilski


Having worked with several other development agencies I was thrilled to find MOP being by far the best in class. Their dedication to both speed and quality coupled with a very impressive and well-founded culture of hard work and appetite for innovation has been a perfect match for us as a young start-up with big dreams. I have been particularly impressed by how fast the MOP team was able to set up and get going with the projects and also the consistently helpful approach shown by everyone in their organization. Getting the attention and help of founders and top management is something I have not experienced anywhere else and it has proven hugely valuable to us. Overall, my team and I are as happy as we possibly could be and we're recommending MOP to everyone asking about top-quality help with tech development.

Tom Liljefors

CEO and Co-founder Trion

When faced with the challenge of developing an Android application to keep up with market demand for Say Allo, we weighed the pros / cons of developing in-house or contracting with an external team. After several interviews to direct hire a team internally, we received a recommendation from a board member suggesting that we meet with a firm in Sarajevo – a great distance from Colorado! My initial concern over distance was quickly put to rest after meeting with Ministry of Programming, as it was apparent that their firm possessed an impressive talent pool capable of meeting our rigorous development needs and project management to make distance a non-factor. Now that we have completed our first major project together to bring our Android app to market, I welcome the opportunity to extend our relationship with Ministry of Programming as we dream up new and innovative solutions to position Say Allo as a leader in our industry!

Zackary Lewis

Founder & CEO - SayAllo

Since day one working with the team at Ministry Of Programming has been a true pleasure! We are so impressed by their professionalism, skills and way of working. It's not like the regular tech firm or consultants, its like they become one with your team. They have passion about the product, care about the challenges and work with great enthusiasm about the vision. Exactly what we were looking for in a team building our product and company!

Emelie Gustafsson Maistedt

Founder - Gemme

Working with Ministry of Programming (MOP) has been a true pleasure since day one. The team is super friendly, highly experienced, they respond quickly to any questions or feedback we might have and it shows that they truly love what they do. I can highly recommend working with MOP to anyone looking to get help with building their app and/or web service.

Christian Wilsson

Co-founder and CXO - Amuse.io

Ministry of Programming has been part of War On Cancer almost since day one. Developing a social network for people affected by cancer takes iterations, dedication, hard work and heart. The sense of being part of a team is incredibly important to us and MOP facilitates this in a very good way even though we are miles apart (geographically).

Sebastian Hermelin

Co-founder & COO - War On Cancer

We came to Ministry of Programming with a mission more or less impossible! Our vision is to make Bicycling easy by supporting cyclists with a complete mobile bike service, managed on a peer2peer app. To start our journey we needed a full functional MVP that supports the User as well as our Suppliers. M.O.P worked days and nights with a full stack team from UX, UI, native app-dev. and back office-dev. In less than 1.5 month development, we had our launch-week fully booked with cycling services in Stockholm! I truly never worked with a team before understanding everything from business strategy to the user needs in the same great manner as M.O.P. And I never before felt the engagement and energy that this team still deliver every day.

Tomas Grönqvist

Founder & CEO - MIOO

Ministry of Programming are simply the best development partner that I have worked with. They truly feel like part of our in-house team: caring deeply about both the purpose and the product, taking ownership, communicating clearly and finding creative ways to solve problems. Their team members are always friendly, warm and have deep technical expertise that they offer for a very competitive pricing.

Rasmus Adler Wahlberg

ex FitnessCollection, Advisa, Werlabs

Ministry Of Programming isn’t just a company you can outsource to, it’s a partner you can build with. Finding people with whom you can create this kind of strong relationships is rare enough that it deserves a special mention. Building a team with them will probably end up being a favor to yourself.

Guillaume Ceccarelli

Owner & CEO - Coentropic Ventures AB

Having worked with several development partners before I can clearly say that Ministry of Programming is on a significantly higher level in terms of quality and dedication. Ministry of Programming takes overall responsibility, has creative solutions to solving problems, and feels like our in-house tech team. Building a solution that enables seniors to age independently requires numerous iterations, dedication, and hard work, and Ministry of Programming is determined to do everything in order for Sensorem to fulfill its vision.

Johan Danielsson

Co-founder & COO - Sensorem

Every product starts with an idea. We were excited about our idea but didn’t know how to make it an actual product. We were referred by a mutual colleague to MOP and we couldn’t be more thrilled that we were. Our product is a result of hard work and great synergy within the whole team. From the first phase of the design process, they helped us see the shape of the product that we imagined. Over many months and much collaboration together we created a wonderful app that will be beneficial for our clients and make an impact on their life. We couldn’t be happier with MOP and look forward to a long collaborative relationship