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Elixir Developer

Do you like to develop? Join us!

Ministry of Programming is a company which specializes in startups… you can ask us all about it! We are a very entrepreneurial and fun team with expertise from a variety of areas! What we all share is a passion for creating amazing products together.

On this project on the backend we use:

  • Elixir, Scala, 100% No Go-lang

To store data, we use:

  • Postgres, Agents, ETS

To orchestrate, we use:

  • Docker, K8s

CPU power is sponsored by:

  • AWS

To work, we use:

  • IntelliJ, OSX, Github

We favor:

  • Actors over Objects
  • Protocols over polymorphism
  • Beef over Salad (speaking average here)
  • Pragmatic over dogmatic
  • Solutions over problems
  • Slack over Skype

What we expect:

  • You are a true developer™️
  • For you to try and understand business goals, requirements, solutions and to be sure to deliver the right solution successfully
  • If there is something you don't know, you learn it and continue
  • Emphasize extensibility, performance and fault tolerance
  • Participation in code review, performance tuning and debugging
  • Work on new features - define, implement and write automatic tests
  • A team player

What we need:

  • Interest in building start-ups and be a part of start-up culture
  • Experience with functional programming and Actor Model
  • Knowledge of Elixir/ Phoenix and understanding of OTP
  • Excellent communication skills, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes is a plus
  • Experience with PostgreSQL and Elastic is a plus
Well, if you made it until here, you probably realized that we want to talk to you. Schedule a meeting with us and tell us what is it that you need.
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